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Philippine Time

The FMAdigest is a online magazine/digest which can be subscribed too for Free. It is designed to provide access to articles, information, events, news, seminars, techniques, etc... pertinent to the Filipino martial arts and the Philippine culture.

The FMAdigest regular issue is published quarterly and also published are Special Issues, Special Editions, and Mini Issues. Each issue features practitioners of the Filipino martial arts and other internal arts of the Philippines. Other features included historical, theoretical and technical articles, reflections, healing arts and other related subjects.

The ideas and opinions expressed in the FMAdigest are those of the authors or instructors being interviewed and are not necessarily the views of the FMAdigest.

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Vol7 No2
  - Interview of Master Eddy Velez
- Guro Jason Cruz of the Legacy Martial Arts Studio
- Carin’s Doce Pares
- Split Second Deadly Movements of Mink Mongoose
- The Origins of Big Stick Combat
- Pagbunyag
- Building Blocks of FMA
- FMA Past Events
- FMA Future Events
- FMA Pulse
- Weapons Review: The Red Scorpion Six MKarambit
- Announcements


Articles on the Filipino martial arts, and / or the Philippine culture.

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